Jigsaw puzzle

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Every Feadship is the sum of many thousands of interlocking parts, a pure custom creation puzzle that takes seriously skilled people several years to solve. Hopefully you'll need less time to complete your bespoke jigsaw... Enjoy!

1000 pieces - 68 x 48 cm


Feadship Ocean Collection
Craftsmanship meets quality in Feadship's exclusive new range of nautical essentials for modern sailors. Feadship has extended the passion for pure custom creation into a signature line of leisure and yachting wear for on board and off. Each piece in the collection is made from 100% organic cotton and includes details like mother-of-pearl button plackets, signature taping and Feadship’s iconic  F-motif in nautical colours like ocean blue, seal grey and pearl white. Sourced, designed and produced by  Feadship, every item in the collection is fully sustainable and in compliance with the Global Organic Textile  Standard (GOTS) and the Better Cotton Initiative (BCI).
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